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Where friends meet and become
brothers and sisters in Christ

Sunday School @ 9:45 am | Church Service @ 10:45 am

Led By: Fran Laws

Phone: (501) 843-6007
Food pantry for Mountain Springs Community, small financial assistance based on need. Food baskets during holidays.

Led By: Kimberly Logan

Provides children an atmosphere to learn and grow in Christ. Holiday parties, VBS, Wednesday night programs ( TeamKID during school year.)

Tim & Kimberly Logan

Led By: Ron Theis

Phone: 501-499-2645
Equips the MSBC men in a way that prepares them to be Godly fathers, sons, coworkers, neighbors and brothers.

Currently Vacant

Led By: Sharon R Linder

Phone: 501-350-3257
Our goal is to grow spiritually as Christian women in our love and service to God, and to extend that love to each other and those in our community.

Currently Vacant



9:45 AM - Sunday School
10:45 AM - Morning Worship Service
6:00 PM - Evening Worship Service


5:15 PM - Family Dinner
6:00 PM - Awana/Youth Bible Study
6:30 PM - Adult Bible Study

15669 Highway 5, Cabot, AR 72023

Who We Are

At MSBC, we are a community of believers who come together to worship Christ because we recognize Him as our Savior and Lord. United by our faith, we gather to express our gratitude, seek His guidance, and find strength and encouragement in the presence of fellow believers as we strive to live out our faith and make a positive impact in the world. We are community driven and enjoy spreading the word of Christ through volunteering and advocating for those who need strength and encouragement to get through hard times.

Large Enough To Meet Your Needs.

Small enough to know your name.

We just moved here and I took my son to VBS. He was a little shy at first and wanted me to hang around. Then Mrs. Brittany stopped and talked to my son. She was so sweet and welcoming my son felt comfortable enough to go sit with the other kiddos his age! I felt very welcome and comfortable having my son there! Everyone was so nice and I was so thankful for sweet Mrs. Brittany!

- Rebecca Stevenson

This is my home church, we have an awesome preacher and some of the most nicest people you will meet. We are a growing, Bible preaching church, anyone is welcome to come.

- James Stone

Great people and an awesome church!

- C Locke

Amazing church with awesome preaching and music! The people are loving and friendly!

- Donovan Stark

Loving members that love each other and the community.

- James King

My home. My family. Loving it!

- Sharon Linder

We love going to this church

- Charles Conard

Latest Sermon

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